Great remote job opportunities in education

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The world of work has certainly changed over the years. One of the biggest changes began before Covid but really took off during the years of the pandemic. That change was remote work. Every industry and many, many occupational fields were impacted by remote work, including education.

Today, many in education still work remotely, either by their choice, the choice or their employer, or somewhere in between. Some of those people are fully remote and so never come into the school or office. Others are hybrid, so often work from home but sometimes come into the school or office.

If you’re interested in working in education but want to work remotely at least part of the time, this article is for you. We asked nine hiring experts to share with us some ideas for jobs that they think are great for remote workers who want to work in education:

  • Remote Education Job Possibilities
  • Diverse Remote Education Careers
  • Flexible Online Education Opportunities
  • Adult Learning Remote Roles
  • Engaging Remote Education Positions
  • Language Learning and Online Teaching
  • Varied Online Teaching and EdTech Roles
  • Flexible Online Tutoring and Writing Jobs
  • Accessible Remote Education Jobs

Remote Education Job Possibilities

Working remotely in education opens up a world of possibilities. Imagine being an online tutor, where you can share your passion for subjects like math or languages, creating engaging lessons over the web. Or picture yourself as an instructional designer, crafting digital courses that make learning interactive and fun right from your living room. There’s also the creative path of an educational content creator, where you turn complex topics into captivating videos or articles, all while sipping your favorite coffee. Each role offers the flexibility of working from anywhere and the chance to make a real impact on learners’ lives. Whether you’re guiding a student one-on-one, designing the next engaging course, or lighting up minds with your content, you’re contributing to the future of education. And the best part? You’re doing it all in your unique style, on your schedule.

Tuanua Swartz, Technology Integration Specialist, USD 361 Chaparral Schools

Diverse Remote Education Careers

For those interested in remote work within education, becoming an Online ESL Teacher presents a unique opportunity. This job involves teaching English to non-native speakers across the globe, using virtual classrooms to engage students of all ages. It’s rewarding to see students grow in their language skills and cultural understanding through your guidance. 

Additionally, the role of a Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator is crucial in today’s digital learning landscape. These professionals manage and optimize online learning platforms, ensuring that educators and learners have a smooth and productive online education experience. They work behind the scenes to support the delivery of countless educational programs. 

Lastly, the position of Academic Advisor for Online Programs stands out. These advisors support online learners in navigating their academic paths, helping with course selection, scheduling, and meeting graduation requirements. They play a pivotal role in student retention and success in virtual learning environments.

Ryan Hammill, Executive Director, Ancient Language Institute

Flexible Online Education Opportunities

There are several great opportunities for people looking to work in education. First, working as an online tutor provides plenty of flexibility to work from anywhere. It’s a rewarding job that can allow educators to connect with students worldwide. Second, curriculum development is a great option for people who enjoy creating exciting learning materials. These jobs are interesting because the materials created will impact several teachers and students. Third, there is a big demand for educational content writers, which is a great fit for those who love to research and write. Writers for lesson plans, educational blog posts, and e-learning courses are in high demand.

Dylan Callens, Teacher and Blogger, The Teachers’ Blog

Adult Learning Remote Roles

In the realm of remote work in education, three roles that align well with online adult learning and companies like HRDQ include:

1. Online Instructional Designer: This role involves developing engaging and effective online learning experiences. Remote instructional designers at HRDQ can collaborate with subject matter experts to design and create interactive e-learning modules, assessments, and other digital educational materials. They leverage their expertise in adult learning principles and instructional design models to ensure that content is not only informative but also accessible and engaging for remote learners.

2. Virtual Learning Facilitator: Virtual learning facilitators play a crucial role in delivering live online training sessions and webinars. They possess strong communication skills and are adept at using virtual classroom platforms to facilitate discussions, answer questions, and guide participants through learning activities. Working remotely with HRDQ, virtual learning facilitators can lead engaging online workshops and seminars on a variety of soft-skill topics, fostering professional development for adult learners worldwide.

3. Remote Educational Technology Specialist: As technology continues to play a pivotal role in education, there is a growing demand for professionals who can support the integration of educational technologies in remote learning environments. Remote educational technology specialists at HRDQ can provide technical support to learners and educators, troubleshoot issues with learning management systems and other digital tools, and offer training on how to effectively utilize these technologies to enhance the online learning experience.

In summary, working in online adult learning and with companies like HRDQ opens up opportunities for remote workers to contribute to education in roles such as instructional design, virtual learning facilitation, and educational technology support. These roles allow individuals to leverage their skills and expertise to make a meaningful impact on adult learners’ professional development, all while enjoying the flexibility and autonomy of remote work.

Bradford Glaser, President & CEO, HRDQ

Engaging Remote Education Positions

One fascinating job for remote workers in education is an Online Tutor. This role involves providing one-on-one assistance to students in specific subjects, ranging from elementary school basics to college-level courses or even adult education. Tutors utilize video conferencing tools to connect with students, offering personalized learning experiences that can dramatically impact a student’s academic journey. 

Another compelling role is that of an E-Learning Course Developer. This position focuses on creating engaging, educational content for online platforms, transforming expert knowledge into accessible courses for a global audience. It requires a blend of instructional design, content creation, and technology skills. 

Lastly, Virtual School Counselor positions are increasingly becoming essential. These professionals provide guidance and support to students in online learning environments, helping them navigate academic challenges, career planning, and personal growth, all from the comfort of their home office.

Grant Aldrich, Founder, Preppy

Language Learning and Online Teaching

Language learning as a business, especially teaching English as a second language (ESL), is booming. Working for a language-learning company, such as Duolingo, Babbel, or Rosetta Stone, offers remote workers a great way to get involved in an exciting niche of the education sector. Similarly, becoming an online teacher is a great idea. With the rise of online education platforms, there is a growing demand for online teachers, especially in remote areas that lack applicants. Agricultural communities in the Midwest are frequently turning to online teachers these days to educate their children. This is an incredible opportunity for remote-based education workers.

John Ross, CEO, Test Prep Insight

Varied Online Teaching and EdTech Roles

While online teaching has long been popular for ESL instructors, the remote learning boom has opened doors for educators of all kinds! Online teaching is one excellent option for remote workers who want to work in education, as institutions are increasingly seeking qualified online teachers across the curriculum, from math and science to history and language arts.

If you prefer working on the back end of things, designing online courses and lesson plans as a curriculum developer is another potential remote work option within the education sphere. However, those looking for more opportunities to get creative may prefer a job in EdTech marketing instead. This involves designing promotional material for educational technology services, along with crafting targeted messages to students, teachers, and institutions to improve learning experiences and drive sales. Remote workers who are passionate about education can find a rewarding but flexible career path within each of these positions.

Nicole Gabrail, Marketing Coordinator, Achievable

Flexible Online Tutoring and Writing Jobs

An online English tutor is a good job for remote workers. The pay is good, and you can still allot your day for your remote day job, considering that most students will be from different time zones. 

There is also freelance work for condensing academic journals. If you want to brush up on your research and technical writing skills, being in this line of work would be best. You won’t need fixed hours to work since it will be output-based.

There are also platforms that hire educators to be online college test tutors. The modalities differ as you can opt to give your lectures in real-time, or provide lectures asynchronously by recording your lectures. This is a very flexible option for educators and has been an excellent way for them to gain recognition in the academe as well.

Ash Bhattacharya, Co-Founder, Autism 360

Accessible Remote Education Jobs

In my experience as a former educator (and current career expert), these are the best and most accessible jobs for people who want to work remotely in education:

Online teaching/tutoring: The demand for online education services has skyrocketed in recent years, driven by the increasing popularity of virtual learning and the need for personalized academic support. As an online tutor, you can work remotely from the comfort of your own home, providing one-on-one or group tutoring sessions to students of various ages and academic levels.

Instructional design: Instructional designers play a crucial role in creating effective and engaging online learning experiences. As a remote instructional designer, you’ll collaborate with subject matter experts and educators to develop online courses, training programs, and educational materials.

Educational content writing/curriculum development: While instructional designers focus on the overall learning experience, curriculum developers focus on content. They’re responsible for creating high-quality, engaging educational materials for various platforms, including online courses, textbooks, and educational websites.

These remote roles in the education field not only offer the flexibility to work from anywhere but also provide opportunities to contribute to the advancement of virtual learning, which will likely only continue to grow in popularity.

Sebastian Morgan, Senior Content Specialist, CV Genius

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