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Unlock Your Potential: Reasons Why a Career Coach is Essential in Today’s Job Market

Today’s job market resembles a dynamic ecosystem, constantly shifting and adapting to technological advancements, economic trends, and global events. Traditional career paths are no longer as straightforward as they once were, with emerging industries and evolving job roles reshaping the …

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10 Tips for Virtual Interviews

10 Tips for Virtual Interviews

Do your homework.

Before your interview, reach out to people you know who have worked at or are familiar with the firm. Go beyond classmates and 3Ls and talk to friends at other law schools …

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How to choose stories for your interviews

How to choose stories for your interviews

Holly Watson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Amazon Web ServicesPublished: February 23, 2022

Highlight reel | Mine for details | External experiences | Assign order | Mirror your resume

By this point in your interview preparation, you …

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Career Resources

Exponent – Master Your Tech Interviews

Researching companies is a vital skill for job searching. Learning more about companies will help you to target positions that …

Case interviewing is a common interview practice that allows an interviewer to see your process for analyzing and solving a …

Behavioral based interviews are when employers ask questions about your past behavior in a situation (e.g., describe
how you handled …

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