Women in Tech: History, Statistics, and Stories

Women in tech careers have been advancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for ages. With women’s insights and hard work, the world has grown into a technological marvel early STEM pioneers could only dream of. 

However, women’s existence in …

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Coding vs. Programming: What’s the Difference?

The primary difference between coding vs. programming is the level of responsibility. Both require strong programming skills. But while coding is simply the act of writing code, programming means applying code to practical situations, like software or mobile application development. 

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Bloomberg Internships: Programs and Application Tips

Bloomberg internships are opportunities for students to get ahead in the financial services industry. Through programs in data, news, engineering, and more, students can explore their career options, build relevant skills, and get their foot in the door at one …

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Alumni Connections

John Wright

Alumni Connections
  • Outbound Sales Development Rep Merchant Processing Solutions
Meet John >

Madeline Naumann

Alumni Connections
  • Barry and Mary Gossett Fellow Excellence
Meet Madeline >

Olivia Davis

Alumni Connections
  • Analyst, Data and APEX Development Oracle
Meet Olivia >

Connor O’Brien

Alumni Connections
  • Associate KPMG
Meet Connor >

Zach Craven

Alumni Connections
Meet Zach >

Laura Starr

Alumni Connections
  • Account Executive Konica Minolta US
Meet Laura >

Nicholas Goodman

Alumni Connections
  • Lead Technician University of Maryland
Meet Nicholas >

Kajal Kaushal

Alumni Connections
  • Senior Account Executive Bloomberg LP
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