FirstHand (formerly Vault) – Helps connect career seekers, universities, and institutions, through the power of first-hand experiences.

Vault Firsthand offers career advice, industry guidebooks, employer reviews, and more. Smith School

Firsthand is where students, career changers, and future entrepreneurs meet alumni and professionals, evaluate opportunities, and embrace career readiness with our content and digital tools designed to launch careers and grow professionals. Career readiness platform Vault is the leader in employer rankings and career guides, and Firsthand is the premier career mentoring and engagement platform for students and alumni. Together, they make it easy to connect applicants, students, and recent graduates with alumni and professionals from the working world.

To particular note are Vault’s downloadable guidebooks in industries such as consulting, investment banking, IT, etc. Our exclusive access link launches to Career Insider, a web site that provides additional information beyond what is available on the public Vault site.