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The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland has partnered with 12Twenty, a full-service resource for employers, students and alumni. Whether you’re looking for employment or looking to hire, the HireSmith Career Portal puts a wealth of information at your disposal.

Student Services

HireSmith accounts may ONLY be created for current students and alumni who have a Smith major, or students currently in the QUEST program. (This excludes business minors and exchange students, Non-Smith UMD alumni in the QUEST program, and students in online specialty masters programs.)

You will need to use your UMD Directory ID and password, the same as Testudo or Canvas, to login. If you try to log in to HireSmith but receive a “Single Sign-On” or SSO error, it is because you don’t have an account in the system.

If your Directory password has expired, reset it by visiting identity.umd.edu and select “Set Passphrase”. Call campus DivIT at 301-405-1500 if you need assistance.

Incoming Students

If you are recently admitted and tried to login to HireSmith, you may receive a Single Sign-On Error.

As an incoming student, your account will be created between the time that you register for classes and the time your classes begin, usually 1-2 weeks before the class starts. If you still do not have access after your first week of classes, please email smithocsservice@umd.edu with your UID, academic program, start term, and graduation term.

Current Students

All current Smith School students have a HireSmith account. You must be registered to access HireSmith.

If you have registered for classes (and paid tuition) but still receive a Single Sign-On error saying “a user with SSO ID ‘###’ could not be found” after your first week of classes, please fill out this form or contact the OCS Tech Team at smithocsservice@umd.edu.

If you have access issue with Terpmail account or to set/reset password, visit terpmail.umd.edu.


All Smith alumni retain access to HireSmith for life.

If you have an account but cannot login, you may need to reset your Directory password by visiting identity.umd.edu and select “Set Passphrase”.

Alumni who graduated years ago may need to visit the Registrar’s website and follow the online instructions to obtain a new Directory ID and set password. Contact campus DIT at itsupport@umd.edu or call 301-405-1500 if you need help. (Refer to this Duo MFA for UMD CAS login page for additional info.)

If you graduated years ago and don’t have a HireSmith account, you can fill out this form to request an Alumni account. Contact smithocsservice@umd.edu if you have questions.

Upon logging in to HireSmith, you may need to complete some basic profile questions before you can access the dashboard. You will need to upload your resume if to submit any job application.

Non-Smith major UMD students and alumni:

Please go to Handshake, the University Career Center’s online career management platform (formerly known as “Careers4Terps”) to check for opportunities of your interest.


See sections below –for SMITH students and alumni only.

Employer Services

Welcome Employers! Your partnership with the Smith Office of Career Services is invaluable, and we are committed to providing you with the resources and support you need.

Start connecting with talented candidates from Smith by creating an individual employer account on HireSmith, or logging in with your 12Twenty account. Joining HireSmith gives you access to post jobs, schedule/attend events, access candidate search, and more. Contact the ER team today to discuss recruitment & networking opportunities.

Are you a current employer recruiting with Smith?

To register a user account for Recruiters new to 12Twenty:

  1. Visit HireSmith Employer Login page
  2. Click “Sign up for an account” (if you do not already have a 12Twenty login)
  3. Complete your profile
  4. Read and accept the terms and conditions
  5. Review your contact information and click “Create Account”

Please allow 2 business days for your account to be approved. You will then be able to login to HireSmith, access your company profile, and post jobs.

Steps for Recruiters who have a 12Twenty account:

  1. Visit HireSmith Employer Login page
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter your 12Twenty password
  4. Click “Employer Log In” button

HireSmith is now accepting:

  • Job postings for immediate employer needs
  • Registrations for our undergraduate career fair
  • On-campus interview schedule requests for our fall and spring recruiting seasons


The OCS Employer Relations (ER) team strives to meet your needs. They are available to assist you with system access, event scheduling, job postings, On Campus Interviews (OCI), and provide any other related services. To discuss ways to connect or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out the ER team directly.

The team is located at 2570 VMH. Feel free to email smithocs_er@umd.edu or call the Office of Career Services front desk at 301-405-2301.

Visit the ER Team webpage for more info.

Admin Login

Staff members with an Admin role:

Click to access your HireSmith Admin account. Contact the Tech Team at smithocsservice@umd.edu if encounter a problem.

Go to HireSmith.net as a shortcut to this page.

Visit OCS Directory for contact information.

Contact Info and FAQs (for HireSmith Users):

Coaches and Coaching Teams – for inquires about resume review or approval, coaching appointments, access to resources, and any career search assistance or advice:

UG Students:

  • You are encouraged to attend drop-in hours to meet an OCS career coach in person or virtually (check the “Drop-Ins” events on HireSmith for details).
  • You can also contact the UG coaching team at smithocs_ug@umd.edu.
  • Or set up a coaching appointment from HireSmith >> Appointments page.
  • To reach a coach or peer advisor, visit the Undergraduate Students page for contact info.

Graduate Students:

  • Book a coaching appointment from your HireSmith account for questions regarding any career search assistance.
  • Connect with the Graduate coaching team at smithocs_grad@umd.edu.
  • Feel free to contact a coach or peer advisor as needed, visit the Graduate Students page for contact info.

Tech Team – for questions regarding access HireSmith and other technical issues:

All Users: Please review the information on this page and contact the party accordingly. If you need additional help, send email to the OCS technical support team at smithocsservice@umd.edu with necessary details, or call 301-405-2301.

*If you are responding to a Notification from HireSmith, please verify your intended recipient. (For example, if the notification was related to an event or appointment, you may want to email the organizer or career coach.)

Students: Please provide your Degree Program, Graduation Term or Class level, Student ID (especially for login issue), and any relevant details in your request, so we can best support you.

ER Team – if you have questions about jobs and events:

For all employer requests, please contact the ER team at smithocs_er@umd.edu.

Students: If you have issues regarding your scheduled interview and need assistance, please contact the Employer Relation (ER) team at smithocs_er@umd.edu with necessary details, or call 301-405-2301.

OCS Directory – is available with a complete list of OCS staff and team contact information. You can also access it by clicking “Meet the Team” on the menu.

Additional FAQs:

Q: I see events and job openings on this website, but why I am unable to register or reply?

A: It is because you are ineligible to register or apply. Please note:

  • In HireSmith, the events and job listings you can see or register/apply for depends on the Student Group you belong to, as well as the Work Authorization settings on the postings.
  • The Student Group you belong to depends on your Degree Program, Graduation Term; and, for undergraduates, also your major.
    (In other words, the Student Group on your accounts may be changed accordingly, which can affect your viewing of job listings.)
  • Contact a coach or the coaching team if needed.

Q: How can I update my Graduation Term (or class level), Major, Work authorization, or Primary Email address on my HireSmith profile?

A: See options below. Please provide specific details when emailing about the changes you require.

  • UG students can use any available options: (1) Complete the UG Profile Update Request form; (2) Email the coaching team at smithocs_ug@umd.edu. (3) Meet a career advisor at drop-in hours (go to HireSmith >> Events >> look for “Undergraduate Drop-Ins” events).
  • MBA and MS students should contact a career coach for profile updates, or email smithocs_grad@umd.edu for help.
  • You can also email smithocsservice@umd.edu. Please provide your Degree Program, Graduation Term in your request, and be specific when describing the issues or changes you need to make.

Q: I scheduled a coaching appointment but I found that I am no longer available. How can I cancel it?

A: Please make your effort to attend the meeting. If you need to cancel the coaching appointment, kindly ensure that you do so at least 24 hours in advance. Login to HireSmith >> Appointments > open it >> click the 3-dots on the top-right corner and select “Cancel Appointment”. You can also open it by clicking the link in the email notification you received.

If you have a problem or need assistance, please try to contact your coach directly or the coaching team.

Q: I accepted an interview, but unfortunately I am unable to attend it. How can I withdraw my interview?

A: Please make every effort to attend the job interview. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours or more in advance.

To withdraw, login to HireSmith >> OCI and Job Listings  >> Applied tab >> click on the linked job, the job details page should open, then click “Withdraw from Interview” button if available. Alternatively, click the link in the Interview Invitation email you received.  

If you have a problem, however, please contact the ER team for assistance.  

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The OCS team is here to assist you or fulfil your needs. HireSmith is your hassle-free career portal. Review content on SmithCareers website and contact us to archive your goals.

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