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How to Get Into the Google APM Program (2023-2024)

What is the Google APM Program?

The Google APM (Associate Product Manager) program is a two-year rotational program that provides recent graduates and early-career professionals with the opportunity to learn from experienced product managers at Google. As an APM, you’ll …

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How to Nail the Shopify APM Interview and Application

The Shopify APM program is one of the best APM programs out there. They target people that are in their last year of their undergraduate degree looking to start something full time after graduation. I personally went through the process …

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5 Ways to Keep Employees Focused When the Company Is Struggling

Many companies face challenges, and if the management resolves them quickly, employees often don’t feel the effect. However, some crises may significantly affect the firm’s operations, making it obvious to workers. This may cause them to worry about their job …

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Alumni Connections

Yanci Ramirez-Beers

Alumni Connections
  • Visual Arts Teacher Stafford County Public Schools
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Michael Nickel

Alumni Connections
  • Founder and CEO Car Count Digital
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Regina Holbert

Alumni Connections
  • Owner/Founder Freelance
Meet Regina >

Mark Engeberg

Alumni Connections
  • President Avalon SAF, Inc.
Meet Mark >

Lilian Wang

Alumni Connections
  • Customer Strategy and Enablement Associate Omnicare
Meet Lilian >

Eric Sineath

Alumni Connections
  • Chief Architect and Practice Director AT&T
Meet Eric >

Laura Shaffer

Alumni Connections
  • Credit Analyst NewDay Financial, LLC
Meet Laura >

Harsh Doshi

Alumni Connections
  • Subject Matter Expert - Data Analytics Dataminr
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