Supply Chain Management & Operations

Supply Chain Foundations: Analytics

Almost everything you own or consume—food, electronics, furniture, medicine, clothes—found its way to you via a supply chain. Any problems with a supply chain can not only disrupt your life, but in the case of medicines or other vital supplies, possibly threaten it. Even when supply chains are running soothing, companies still look for ways to be even more efficient with their time, money, and resources, and that’s where supply chain analytics come in. In this course, Eddie Davila covers the fundamentals of supply chains and analytics. He takes a look at how organizations develop a supply chain analytics program, and some of the analytics tools and methods used to improve supply chains, along with a host of other topics like forecasting, supply chain mapping, supply chain disruptions, and risk management. As companies turn more and more toward data and automation, having a firm grasp on supply chain analytics can help make you a highly-coveted professional.

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