How to Nail the Shopify APM Interview and Application

The Shopify APM program is one of the best APM programs out there. They target people that are in their last year of their undergraduate degree looking to start something full time after graduation. I personally went through the process …

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Impact-related IT Consulting Analytics Project Ideas:

Summer provides a great opportunity for Master’s students to apply a years-worth of strategy and analytics knowledge into a shareable work product that can become part of a targeted resume – in this case, consulting, as materials for a portfolio …

By John Malone
John Malone Assistant Director, Masters Career Coach
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How This Engagement Delivery Manager Combines Her Passion for Giving Back With Her Love of Tech

Tina Bensman would be the first person to tell you that although she’s always loved to solve complex puzzles, she never would have pieced together her own career journey.

As a teenager growing up in the 1990s, Bensman was an …

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John Wright

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  • Outbound Sales Development Rep Merchant Processing Solutions
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Madeline Naumann

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  • Barry and Mary Gossett Fellow Excellence
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Olivia Davis

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  • Analyst, Data and APEX Development Oracle
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Connor O’Brien

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  • Associate KPMG
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Zach Craven

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Laura Starr

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  • Account Executive Konica Minolta US
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Nicholas Goodman

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  • Lead Technician University of Maryland
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Kajal Kaushal

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  • Senior Account Executive Bloomberg LP
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